Edit all the extras and more in WooCommerce

Use WooCustomizer,
to edit Your WooCommerce Store

WooCustomizer has all the code snippets & lots more built into one plugin, to further edit all your WooCommerce pages.

Purchase WooCustomizer Pro for extra features such as Catalogue Mode, Ajax Product Search, Product Quick View & lots more, all built into one.

No coding knowledge needed

All the WooCommerce code snippets built neatly into 1 plugin


  • Prevents you from creating a child theme to add WC code snippets
  • Offers design options for most WC elements that your theme doesn't
  • Lets you remove or edit elements all around the WooCommerce pages
  • Lets you change Text and settings all around WooCommerce pages
  • Built into the WP Customizer so you can edit in a live environment
  • Is built to be lightweight... adding only the code that is needed
  • Offers dedicated support for those extra elements you want help with

What you get with WooCustomizer ?

WooCustomizer Features

See all the features we’ve built into WooCustomizer FREE,
with the option to upgrade and get lots more features you’re sure to love!

Just some of the simple features you get !

Edit Products Per Page

Adjust how many Products are displayed per page on your WooCommerce Shop Pages.

Edit Product Columns

Adjust your WC Shop & Archive pages to show the selected columns amount per row.

Remove Shop Page Elements

Remove all types of elements from the WooCommerce Shop, Archive & Product pages.

Edit Sale! banner text

Edit the Shop and Archive sale banners to have your own text for the products on sale!

Edit Add To Cart button text

Edit the Add To Cart button text for simple products, variable products and grouped products.

Remove WC Breadcrumbs

Remove the WooCommerce breadcrumbs on Shop pages and/or Product pages.

Add Product Statistics to show on front-end for Administrator Users

Optional extra to display a block of the recent statistics for Administrator Users to easily view each products recent sales amount.

Remove Shipping & Billing Fields on WooCommerce Checkout Page

WooCustomizer offers extra settings to remove certain input fields on the Checkout Page for when a user is purchasing products.

We've also added custom features to the product pages !

Edit Product Gallery

Turn of product gallery features such as Image Zoom, Image Lightbox and the Image Slider.

Remove Product Page Elements

Remove all types of Product Page elements from Product Title to SKU & lots more.

Edit / Remove Product Tabs

Edit each Product Tabs text to your own heading, or simply remove the product tab.

Edit Related Product Sections

Edit Related and Recommended Product section headings or remove the sections as you want.

Edit Product Text Parts

Edit different product status texts from 'Out of Stock' products to available products.

Add the Long Description After

The option to remove all product page tabs and still show/add the Product long descriptions after.

Show Product Amount Sold

Turn on the option to display how many products have already been sold + how many are left.

Add a Back To Shop button

Add in an extra button to send your users straight back to the shop from the Product page.

Add Price Suffix

Add in extra text after the price to explain more, such as "$18.00 including VAT", etc.

Edit Your Cart, Checkout & Account Pages too !

Edit Empty Cart Page

Add custom text to your empty cart page to explain more if your users haven't added products.

Remove Order Notes

Clean up your checkout page bby removing the Order Extra Notes section.

Show Neater Account Tabs

If your theme doesn't design the default tabs... we do, simply select a neater tab design.

Ensure Security for Customers

Add an image to the checkout page to ensure your customers of a secure payment.

Add Text under Place Order

Add in extra text under the checkout Place Order button to for customers to read.

Remove Shop Page Elements

Remove the coupons section on the cart page, or edit the text for cart coupons drop down.

That's not all ! There is more...
We've just mentioned some of the features... Try WooCustomizer & see for yourself !

Coded Neatly

Build for Performance & Speed

Focus on Usability

Build into the WordPress Customizer

Built with Passion

Lightweight & Fast

WooCustomizer only includes and uses the code you choose to edit.

We’ve focused on speed and usability for WooCustomizer, ensuring it works well for you!

What does the Pro Version offer ?

WooCustomizer Pro Features

WooCustomizer Pro offers a lot more…
It’s sure to have the features you want to add to your store now, or at a later stage.

Premium Feature:

Catalogue Mode

Easily remove the purchase functionality from your shop, turning your online store into a beautiful online catalogue. 

Set Catalogue Mode for the time being, or permanently.

Apply these settings to all products, selected products, or only to logged out users, prompting users to create an account and log in to purchase your products.

Premium Feature:

Ajax Product Search

Want to speed up users finding your products?

Add simple ajax product search to your search bar and configure a bunch of settings to display a prediction of products when your users start typing to search for your products.

Add multiple search bars as widgets anywhere on your site, or simply click to add a search bar to the top of your shop pages & configure the settings as you need.

Premium Feature:

Product Quick View

Let users browse easier and quicker through your online store.

Give your users the option to preview your products and easily ‘add to cart’ or browse the images from within a popup on your shop page, or click through to the product page after they’ve seen it all.

Product Quick View offers a neat popup on product and category shop pages, and comes with a bunch of settings to configure to make it suits your store design.

Premium Feature:

Menu Cart

Your theme doesn’t offer a neat WC Cart in the main menu?

Simply turn on Menu Cart and select which menu you’d like to display a WooCommerce cart in.

Add a drop down mini cart basket so your users can add or remove products, view their cart or go straight to checkout.

What does it cost ?

WooCustomizer Pro

WooCustomizer Pro is an annual cost for 1 year of updates & support… Easily cancelled at any time.

For 1 Site
$ 29
/ year
  • Catalogue Mode
  • Ajax Product Search
  • Product Quick View
  • WC Menu Cart
  • Support For 1 Year
  • Updates For 1 Year
For 3 Sites
$ 49
/ year
  • Catalogue Mode
  • Ajax Product Search
  • Product Quick View
  • WC Menu Cart
  • Support For 1 Year
  • Updates For 1 Year
Unlimited Sites
$ 79
/ year
  • Catalogue Mode
  • Ajax Product Search
  • Product Quick View
  • WC Menu Cart
  • Support For 1 Year
  • Updates For 1 Year

Choose a WooCustomizer Pro version

14 Day Money Back Guarantee on new purchases
The prices above are an annual cost for WooCustomizer Premium.
*You can easily cancel your subscription at any time.*

Why go Pro ?

Compare WooCustomizer Free Vs. Pro

Edit Shop & Archives Pages with 20+ layout & feature settings
Edit Product Page with 18+ Layout & feature settings
Edit Cart, Checkout & User Account with 10+ layout & feature settings
Add extra account tabs to user account page
Show Administrator - Product statistics on site front-end
Remove input fields on WooCommerce Checkout Page
WooCustomizer Catalogue Mode & settings
WooCustomizer Ajax Product Search & settings
WooCustomizer Product Quick View & settings
WooCustomizer Menu Cart & settings
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